Cognizant Forgot Password​ – Reset Password of One Cognizant

Anyone with a Cognizant account may now use the One Cognizant interface. Because the One Cognizant login site contains sensitive data, an employee must have legitimate login credentials to view their data.

It is an internal gateway for the whole work unit, and employees may use it to access information such as spreadsheets, payment data, existing and using spreadsheets, their performance, and qualification/evaluation when they first join the firm.


Everyone who joins your company, regardless of position, receives an account on the One Cognizant site. Only the individual with the proper credentials will be able to use this portal to view all types of information connected to her employment in the company.

One Cognizant Portal Password Reset Instructions

If you are experiencing problems accessing your account, follow these steps to restore your password. Here you can get some solutions to your problems.



Forgot Your One Cognizant Portal Password?

  • Click “Can’t access your account?” on the One Cognizant login screen.
  • You will be led to another page where you may select one of two account types.
  • “Work or school” is one choice, while “Personal” is another.
  • If you select the first option, you will be sent to a website where you must enter your email address or username, followed by a captcha, to get an email including advice on how to regain access to your account.
  • If you select the Personal Account option, you will also be prompted to provide your username, email address, or Skype login to reset your password or other account login credentials.

You can return to your account by following the steps outlined above, and if you continue to have issues, contact technical support. You will undoubtedly receive a fresh response.

You don’t have to memorize those incredibly long website links because all of your assets are available from there. A Cognizant is simply a company’s internal portal. This contains all pay demands, timesheets, profiles, achievements/remarks, and any other information you want to know about the organization as well as information the firm wants to know about you.

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